About Sapporo

Sapporo ranks the 5th largest city in Japan, and serve as the political, economic and cultural center of northern Japan. Well-developed transportation systems allow easy access to the city. Many historical buildings, as well as shopping malls and characteristic parks, are located in Sapporo, and draw many tourists in every year. Sapporo is proud of the extraordinary harmony between nature and an urban setting. Besides, Sapporo is also farmed for for fresh seafood such as, salmon, sea urchin and crab in particular. And Sapporo is the home of Sapporo Brewery and the famous for white chocolate biscuits shiroi koibito (白い恋人) which exclusively sold in Hokkaido.
Sapporo witnesses the colorful changes of four distinctive seasons. Especially, summer in Sapporo is comfortable and pleasant, as a good summer resort.