International Conference on Information and Social Science (ISS)



Analyzing Technology Usage of Students at The University of Erzincan

İmran Aslan, The University of Atatürk

Orhan Çınar, The University of Atatürk

Üstün Özen, The University of Atatürk

Selahattin Yavuz, Erzincan University


Intelligent Student Engagement Management - Applying Business Intelligence in Higher Education

Yanqing Duan, University of Bedfordshire

Guangming Cao, University of Bedfordshire

Vincent Ong, University of Bedfordshire

Marcus Woolley, University of Bedfordshire


Elaborate Robust Strategies with Strategic Early Warning System: The case of the Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector

Christophe Bisson, Kadir Has University


Mobile Device Apps: Information Management for Academic Libraries

Jennifer Beamer, University of Hawaii


Web 3.0 and The Organisation

Fefie Dotsika, Westminster Business School


An Analysis of Software Supportable Tasks in Information Security Management System Life Cycle Processes

Ahmad Iqbal Hakim Suhaimi, Saitama University

Yuichi Goto, Saitama University

Jingde Cheng, Saitama University


Multi Objective Analysis on Information Security Risk Management

Ritsuko Kawasaki (Aiba), Institute of Information Security


A Hierarchical Bayesian Model in Evaluating Apps Download Frequency

Nai-Hua Chen, Chienkuo Technology University


Investigation of Academic Performance of E-Learning Environments with Data Mining

Güler Erkal Karaman, Atatürk University

Ersin Karaman, Atatürk University

Aslan Gülcü, Atatürk University

Üstün Özen, Atatürk University


Identifying The Relevance of Personal Values to E-Government Portals' Success: Insights from A Delphi Study

Obaid Almalki, University of Bedfordshire

Yanqing Duan, University of Bedfordshire

Ingo Frommholz, University of Bedfordshire

Markus Haag, University of Bedfordshire


The Mediating Effects of Dual Knowledge Transfer Process in IT Development Projects

Jong Uk Kim, Sungkyunkwan University

Sang Cheol Park, Hyupsung University


Application of Technology Acceptance Model to Investigate Influential Factors on Students' Intention to Use Carbon Footprint Calculator

Shyh-ming Lin, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology

Earl-juei Wang, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology


A Development of Hybrid Training Model on Srinakharinwirot Online Learning System

Ruangsak Trakunphutthirak, Srinakharinwirot University


Availability of Additional Functions in SNS

Kazunori Yamamori, Mie University


Establishing a Web-based Information System for Delineating Taiwan Rural Communities’ Boundary

Chang Yueh Chih, National Chung Hsing University

Wu Chen Fa, National Chung Hsing University

Ou Sheng Jung, National Chung Hsing University

Tsou Chun Wei, National Chung Hsing University

Lin Yi Siou, National Chung Hsing University


Cost Forecasting for Medical Resource of Patients with Acute Hepatitis in Emergency Department

R. J. Kuo, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Wei-Che Cheng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

W. C. Lien, National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University Hospital

T. J. Yang, Sijhih Cathay General Hospital


Design and Development of A Multi-Criteria Decision Support System for International Students

Qing Wu, China Agricultural University

Yanqing Duan, University of Bedfordshire

Dong Tian, China Agricultural University

Hui Chen, Kokushikan University


Investigating the Models of Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Artificial Neural Network and Hybrid Analysis for Predicting Coronary Artery Disease

Yi-Hsien Hsu, National Defense Medical Center

Fu-Chi Chen, National Defense Medical Center

Yi- Syuan Wu, National Defense Medical Center

Chi-Wen Chang, Chang Gung University

Chi-Ming Chu, National Defense Medical Center


Ubiquitous Augmented Reality Mobile Learning System for Supporting Moon Observation

Ke Tian, Nagoya University

Mamoru Endo, Chukyo University

Mayu Urata, Nagoya University

Katsuhiro Mouri, Nagoya City Science Museum

Takami Yasuda, Nagoya University


Development of Smartphone-Based Supporting System for Tourist

Satoki Nagao, Nagoya University

Fukumi Kato, Nagoya University

Mayu Urata, Nagoya University

Takami Yasuda, Nagoya University


Risk Adjusted Business Intelligence Architecture (RABIA) for Cloud Computing: An Evaluation of Evolving Infrastructure in Banking Industry

Shahid Anjum, Lawrence Technological University


Information Technology and Policy Makers: Next Generation Learning?

Eric Lin, Touro University Worldwide


The Health Care Decision-Making of Medication Administration throughout Alert Technology: A Trajectory Study

Bi Lian Chen, Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Man Ti Wang, Taichung Veterans General Hospital


Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Gradient Adjacent Prediction

Yu-Cheng Lee, National University of Kaohsiung

Hsin-Hung Chen, National University of Kaohsiung

Chien-Yuan Chen, National University of Kaohsiung


3D-WebAuthen: High Degree of Authentication for Web Application Development

Waraporn Viyanon, Srinakharinwirot University


An Applying of Accelerometer in Android Platform for Controlling Weight

Sasivimon Sukaphat, Srinakharinwirot University


A Web Community for Uplifting Regional Vitality by Using Open Source CMS

Mana Fukuyasu, Nagoya University

Masahiro Ura, Chukyo University

Takamitsu Yoshikawa, Exchange Promotion Department, City of Seto

Mamoru Endo, Chukyo University

Masashi Yamada, Chukyo University

Shinya Miyazaki, Chukyo University

Takami Yasuda, Nagoya University


Social Interactivity in A Healthcare Based Mobile Platform for Elders

Supunmali Ahangama, National University of Singapore

Danny Chiang Choon Poo, National University of Singapore


Overview of Green Computing and E-Waste: The Case of Turkey

Vichuda Nui Polatoglu, Anadolu University

Ayse Hepkul, Anadolu University


The Development of Easy-to-Use Material Flow Cost Accounting Tool and The Application to Manufacturing

Tomoya Mori, Aichi Institute of Technology

Tokimasa Goto, Aichi Institute of Technology

Takushi Sugitani, Arakawa Industry Co., LTD.


Analysis of Network Management and Operation for The Past Twenty Years

Noriaki Yoshiura, Saitama University


Identifying Generic and Local Critical Success Factors for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Implementation in Pakistan

Mazhar Sadiq, University of Jyvaskyla

Antti Pirhonen, University of Jyvaskyla


The Security and Privacy Issues in RFID Information System

Iuon-Chang Lin, National Chung Hsing University


The Add-on Multiplatform Agent for Multitrigger Active Relational Database System

Pattarakitti Chaiyasing, Khon Kaen University

Wiroj Taweepworadej, Khon Kaen University


Mysql Add-on Agent for Multitrigger ARDBS

Pattarakitti Chaiyasing, Khon Kaen University

Wiroj Taweepworadej, Khon Kaen University


Accelerating The Adoption of Healthcare Information Exchanges through Progressive Integration

Narasimha Bolloju, City University of Hong Kong


Pervasive Interviewing: A Study on TV News Gathered VIA Hidden Camera in Taiwan

Shih-Shiang Liao, University of Tokyo and National Taiwan University


Kinect Training Game for Overturn Safety of Older Persons

Eisuke Kita, Nagoya University

Azusa Hara, Nagoya University

Mika Umeoka, Nagoya University


Self Study Meeting-An Alternative Care for Medication by Bethel's House in Hokkaido

Masako Saito, Nagoya University


Improving Website Performance for Search Engine Optimization by Using a New Hybrid MCDM Model

Yen-Chang Chen, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Yu-Sheng Liu, National Sun Yat-Sen University


Analysis of Factor Affecting in Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) E-Healthcare of Government Hospitals in Thailand

Sumalee Krueklai, Mahidol University

Supaporn Kiattisin, Mahidol University

Adisorn Leelasantitham, Mahidol University


Study of Acceptance Factors for Electronic Payment Services

Teerapat Jansorn, Mahidol University

Supaporn Kiattisin, Mahidol University

Adisorn Leelasantitham, Mahidol University


Exploring The Factors Influencing to User Acceptance of Search Engine Features in Thailand

Patthawadi Pawanprommaraj, Mahidol University

Supaporn Kiattisin, Mahidol University

Adisorn Leelasantitham, Mahidol University


A Proposal on The Use of A Photo-Sharing Social Networking Service Pinterest in The Regional Website

Toranosuke Fukumoto, Nagoya University

Shoko Kasugai, Nagoya University

Shigeki Yokoi, Nagoya University


The Data as A Tendency

Hiroya Shimoyama, Nagoya University

Keisuke Nakamura, Nagoya University

Kenji Osawa, Nagoya University


Analysis of Multivariable Longitudinal Data : On The Effect of Death, Mother-Migration, and Household Head Age on Child’s Educational Progress

Maria Vivien Visaya, University of the Witwatersrand

David Sherwell, University of the Witwatersrand


Measuring Government Expenditure Efficiencies towards Peace and Human Development

Ahmad Danu Prasetyo, Keio University

Alpha Nur Setyawan Pudjono, Keio University


Bad Policy or Bad Luck? Asset Busts Due to Asymmetric Transitory Shocks

MeiChi Huang, National Taipei University

LinYing Yeh, Yuan Ze University


Insentive to Mediator on Strategic Game

Akihiko Nagai, Nagoya Institute of Techonology


Assessing Intergenerational Mobility - A Functional Data Regression Approach

Tao Chen, University of Waterloo

Pierre Chausse, University of Waterloo

Kenneth Couch, University of Connecticut


Productive Waqf : A Solution Problems of Unemployment in Indonesia

Siti Inayatul Laila, Airlangga University

Nisful Laila, Airlangga University

Achsania Hendratmi, Airlangga University


Changing Global Trade Structure after 2008 Financial Crisis

Zelha Altinkaya, Istanbul Aydin University


Decision Analysis and Markov Chains for Management of Chronic Kidney Failures in Turkey

Imran Aslan, The University of Atatürk

Üstün Özen, The University of Atatürk


Organizational Culture in High Reliability Organizations: Mindfulness of The TOYOTA Production System

Natsuko Fujikawa, Yokkaichi University


The Next Competitive Strategy Paradigm Shift: Japanese Companies’ Path-Dependency and Modularization to Re-Integralization in Product Architecture Strategy

Tomomi Hamada, Nagoya University

Motonari Yamada, Nagoya University


Understanding the Process and Content of Developing Multiple and Sequential Employment Deals

Daniel Gallagher, James Madison University

Catherine Connelly, McMaster University

Claudia Bernhard Oettel, Stockholm University


Automobile Sippliers’ Strategies and The Dynamics of ‘Keiretsu’ in The Age of Electric Vehicles

Tsutomu Kobashi, Aichi Institute of Technology

Tokimasa Goto, Aichi Institute of Technology


Delegation of Decision Authority in Complex Task Structures: An Empirical Investigation of Decentralization

Magda Dobrajska, Copenhagen Business School

Stephan Billinger, University of Southern Denmark

Samina Karim, Boston University


System for Creating Customer Value from Diversity in The Movie Industry

Ayako Kawasaki, Nagoya University


Behavioral Clustering of Agricultural Event Visitors

Sirijin Wongjarupun, Kasetsart University

Korakot Wichitpong, Kasetsart University

Yuraporn Sudharatna, Kasetsart University


Untangling Disarray - A Meta-Analysis of Studies on Standards and Standardization from A Two-Dimensional Framework

Matts Kärreman, Lund University

Amalia Foukaki, Lund University


Wrok Organization Analysis-Case Analysis of Toyota and Volvo Production Systems Based on The Open System Approach

Wei Zhao, Chubu University


Stakeholder Information Governance in Organizations

Vaïté Cécilia Charlotte Maillard, University Paris Dauphine


Effect of Knowledge Sharing Factors on The Learning Organisation in Tourism and Hospitality

Chokechai Suveatwatanakul, National Institute of Development Administration


Investigating Idea Survival in IT-Mediated Ideation Jams

Fausto Di Vincenzo, G. d'Annunzio University at Pescara

Daniele Mascia, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Jennie Bjork, KTH University

Mats Magnusson, KTH University


Enactive Management: A Nurturing Technology to Cope with Conflict Situations in Organizacional Context

Osvaldo García, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Maria Soledad Saavedra, Universidad de Santiago de Chile


Organizational Learning Capacity And Organizational Effectiveness: The Moderating Role of Absorptive Capacity

Andrew Chukwuyem Ologbo, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Christain Sunday Chukwuekezie, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


What Drives Malaysian Banks’ Securitization Activities?

Nafiu Olaniyi Oladokun, International Islamic University, Malaysia

Azmi Omar, International Islamic University, Malaysia

Abideen Adewale Adeyemi, International Islamic University, Malaysia


Overreaction of Stock Index Futures to Market Returns: Case of US and Europe

Dorra Laribi, United Arab Emirates University


Which Improves Market Efficiency of ETFs: Active or Passive Management?

Tao Chen, Open University of Hong Kong

Karen Wong, Open University of Hong Kong

Masayuki Susai, Nagasaki University


Initial Public Offering (IPO) Underpricing, Underwriter Reputation and Oversubscription: Evidence from Shariah-Compliant Companies Listed on The Malaysian Stock Exchange (MSE)

Nashirah Binti Abu Bakar, Oita University

Kiyotaka Uzaki, Oita University


The Informational Association between The S&P 500 Index Options and VIX Options Markets

Wei-Che Tsai, National Sun Yat-sen university

Dian-Xuan Kao, National Taiwan University

Yaw-Huei Wang, National Taiwan University


Political Election Outcomes and Return Patterns of Firm Listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange: A Firm-level Analysis

Yi-Wei Chuang, National Sun Yat-sen University

Yu-Sheng Liu, National Sun Yat-Sen University


Lead-Lag Relationships between Market Expected Volatility and Futures Prices

Jack J. W. Yang, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Chia-Hsing Huang, SolBridge International School of Business

Chi-Hui Wang, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology


Importance of Communication and Information Technology in Social Science with Special Focus on Pakistan: Sociological Analysis

Hamadullah Kakepoto, University of Sindh Jamshoro


Governance of International IPR Systems for Sustainable Development

Mani Kumari Madala, National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering


A Social Network Study of Agricultural Product Import/Export Entrepreneurs: Development Strategy towards The ASEAN Economic Community

Rukchanok Chumnanmak, Khon Kaen University

Yaowalak Apichatvullop, Khon Kaen University


Intergenerational Transfers of Economic Capital in Northeast Rural Households, Thailand

Wanichcha Narongchai, Khon Kaen University

Dusadee Ayuwat, Khon Kaen University


The Impacts of Contract Farming on Rural Farm Households, Lao PDR

Saichay Phoumanivong, Khon Kaen University

Dusadee Ayuwat, Khon Kaen University


Standardization and Adaptation in International Advertising: A Cross-Cultural Observation on Comparing TV Commercials in Indonesia and Japan

Vinidya Almierajati, Osaka University


‘Khmu’ Livelihood in Bokeo Province, Lao PDR

Apisak Dhiravisit, Khon Kaen University

Khamjan Panyathong, Khon Kaen University


The Micro Politics of Parental Involvement: Ethnocentrism, Utilitarianism or Rhetoric

Shun Wing Ng, Hong Kong Institute of Education


Using Social Diversity in Our Advantage

Parisa Rafipour, Politecnico di Milano

Kamdin Zare, Politecnico di Milano


Predisposed Borderline Personality Disorder (PreBPD)

Marietta Barbosa Rasonabe, Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel


Development of An Anti-Doping Intervention That Directly Targets The Psychology behind An Athlete’s Susceptibility to Doping

Geoffrey Jalleh, Curtin University

Rob Donovan, Curtin University

Daniel Gucciardi, Curtin University


How Narcissistic Characteristic and Self-Esteem are Correlated to Social Anxiety of Children?

Kyung-Hyun Suh, Sahmyook University


Is There Certain Personality of Clasical Music or Personality of POP Music?

Jeong Yang Park, Sahmyook University

Kyung-Hyun Suh, Sahmyook University


A Framework of Understanding Young People’s Perception of Lawyers in Hong Kong

Wing Hong Chui, The University of Hong Kong

Kevin Kwok-Yin Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Music Training Facilitates Cortical Synchronization during Verbal Memory Encoding

Mei-chun Cheung, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Agnes S Chan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Transformative Intervention in Managing Effectively Human Resources

Gabriel G Uriarte, Philippine Normal University

Lucina P Uriarte, Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel


Difference in Gamers’ Experiences in 2DTV and 3DTV

Brahm deBuys, Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Sang Wook Lee, Kwangwoon University

Donghun Chung, Kwangwoon University


The Fabrics which Are Used to Made to Traditional Costumes in Saudi Arabia

Tahani Nassar Alajaji, Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University


Nature of Works and IT Literate in Construction Industry and Its Relation to Working from Home (WFH)

Nurul Adilah Saluddin, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Noorliza Karia, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Hasnanywati Hassan, Universiti Sains Malaysia


The Disaster Management Strategy: A Case of Lam Ta Klong Basin, Thailand

Varatchaya Chueachanthuek, Khon Kaen University

Dusadee Ayuwat, Khon Kaen University


Between Teaching and Containing – The Transition from Student to Therapeutic Professional

Shirley Ben Shlomo, Bar Ilan University

Noga Levin - Keini, Ashkelon Academic College


Technical Cooperation’s Scholarship is The Tool to Reduce Tensions and Political Threats between Thailand and Lao PDR

Chanajai Muenthaisong, Khon Kaen University

Sukanya Aim-im-tham, Khon Kaen University

Prapat Thepchatree, Thammasat University

Sekson Yongvanit, Khon Kaen University


The Regional Rapid Growth City and Urbanization in Thailand

Thanadorn Phuttharak, Khon Kaen University

Apisak Dhiravisit, Khon Kaen University


The Management of Domestic Violence at Village Level: A Case of Sangthong District, Lao PDR

Somsouk Sananikone, Khon Kaen University

Dusadee Ayuwat, Khon Kaen University


Evolution of Indian Urban Policy from Pro-poor Growth Principles to Inclusive Growth

Arindam Biswas, The University of Tokyo

Tetsuo Kidokoro, The University of Tokyo

Fumihiko Seta, The University of Tokyo


The Association of Aesthetic Acumen and Visual Merchandising: The Shopping Mall Perspective

Dery Law, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Christina Wong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


A Case Study on the Spatial Problems of Office Design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Arita Hanim Awang, International Islamic University Malaysia

Zuraini Denan, International Islamic University Malaysia


Psychological Noisiness of Time- Varying in Community Noise - A Case Study in Hospital Lobbies

Chiung Yao Chen, Chaoyang University of Technology


The Impact of Group Music Therapy on Depression and Cognition in Elderly Persons with Dementia: A Randomized Controlled Study

Kuei-Ru Chou, Taipei Medical University

Yu Lin, Taipei Medical University & Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care and Management


A Comparison between The Significance of Number 7 in Persian Context and Number 9 in Chinese Context

Ali Zamani Alavijeh, Payam Noor University


The Competitive Advantage of E-Learning through Resources and Capabilities Acquisition

Muhammad Hasmi Abu Hassan Asaari, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Noorliza Karia, Universiti Sains Malaysia


Strengthening Political Legitimacy: Political Socialization of Chinese Youth

Kristin Oma Johnson, Renmin University of China

Gordon Lee, University of Ontario Institute of Technology


Information Society and Cross Cultural Marriages

Sekson Yongvanit, Khon Kaen University


New Social and Security Risks, Excluded Areas, Crime and Unemployment in Selected Areas of The Moravian-Silesian Region

Hana Vykopalová, VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava and Brno University of Technology